Pardee Steam Jet Ejectors use the pressure energy that is available in moderate pressure steam (traditionally 90-150 PSIG) to create sub-atmospheric pressure. This reduced pressure (vacuum) induces flow of gas from a chamber or process, discharging to atmospheric pressure, to a condenser or to a subsequent stage.


Single Stage Steam Jet Vacuum Pump

Can handle air or other gases for evacuation or holding low suction pressures, generally discharging to atmospheric pressure. (Operating range to 3″ Hg. ABS)


Two Stage (Condensing) Steam Jet Vacuum Pump

For similar applications to two stage non-condensing units, but more economical operation and more versatility because of intercondenser. It will retain stability with condensable overload. (Low-level design is available if required)


Two Stage (Non-Condensing) Steam Jet Vacuum Pump

For higher vacuum (lower absolute pressure) than can be achieved with a single stage unit. (Operating range to 0.5″ Hg. ABS)


Thermo Compressor

A unit specifically designed to boost or compress low pressure gas (usually steam) to a higher usable pressure.



A specifically designed ejector used primarily to “boost” the pressure of a condensable vapor to a higher pressure so that normal temperature condenser water can be used.


About Pardee Engineering

Pardee Engineering is backed by over 50 years of specialized jet ejector technology and know-how. From design through manufacture and installation, Pardee engineers have the jet apparatus capability to meet the processing industry’s special requirements for pumping, transferring and mixing of liquids, solids, vapors and gases.

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