Pardee Engineering manufactures the highest quality eductors, steam jet ejectors, single stage, two stage, non-condensing, two stage condensing, internal mixers, heaters, internal heaters, hydraulic conveyor mixers, and syphons made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality materials.

For the process that requires evacuation or compression in the sub-atmospheric pressure range Pardee can design, manufacture and deliver the apparatus for your needs from a variety of materials, from stainless steel, to nickel, to PVC and more, all to your specifications.


Why choose an apparatus from Pardee Engineering?

  • Modern and efficient design based on Pardee’s 50+ years of industry leading ejector technology and engineering know-how
  • Rugged, durable and reliable construction. No moving parts means fast and easy maintenance and long life
  • Flexibility of application is designed with interchangeable components. Adapts readily to your production requirements with on-time delivery
  • Personal attention to detail with exceptional customer service from concept to completion with every order

Pump, mix, or transfer, liquids, solids and gasses faster and more economically with Pardee’s jet apparatus.


Other Jet Apparatus by Pardee

Syphons · Eductors · Internal Mixers · Heaters · Internal Heaters · Scrubbers · Condensers · Liquid Jet Exhausters · Hydraulic Conveyor Mixers


About Pardee Engineering

Pardee Engineering is backed by over 50 years of specialized jet ejector technology and know-how. From design through manufacture and installation, Pardee engineers have the jet apparatus capability to meet the processing industry’s special requirements for pumping, transferring and mixing of liquids, solids, vapors and gases.

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