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Information Required for Quotations and Orders

  1. General Application (by description, sketch, or both)
  2. Capacity
    – For continuous gas handling: pounds per hour of gas and suction pressure desired
    – For evacuation: volume of vessel, initial and final pressure and time for evacuation to final pressure
  3. Composition of suction gas
  4. Temperature of suction gas
  5. Discharge pressure (usually atmospheric pressure). Advise if other than 14.7 psia
  6. Available steam pressure at ejector
  7. Water temperature used in main condenser and/or available for intercondenser, if such is required
  8. Is “barometric” installation possible? (condenser outlet 34 ft. above hotwell or sump)
  9. *Acceptable materials of construction for your process

*Stock ejectors have bronze or iron bodies, stainless steel steam nozzle, steel or bronze diffuser. Stock condensers have steel bodies and bronze water nozzles. Other materials available as required. All units are available with flanged or threaded connections.

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About Pardee Engineering

Pardee Engineering is backed by over 50 years of specialized jet ejector technology and know-how. From design through manufacture and installation, Pardee engineers have the jet apparatus capability to meet the processing industry’s special requirements for pumping, transferring and mixing of liquids, solids, vapors and gases.

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